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Which cars are better not to leave on the handbrake

ByMichael F1

Dec 6, 2022
Which cars are better not to leave on the handbrake

In winter, the rear brake pads of the car can freeze, making it difficult for the car to move. This problem is especially strong for cars with drum brakes, less so with disc brakes.

If the car is left for 2-3 days, then it simply will not be able to move. Condensation forms inside the drum brakes, which is why they freeze during a long parking on the handbrake in winter. Especially in this situation, it is difficult for front-wheel drive cars, rear-wheel drive ones can still somehow open the frozen brakes.

In the case of a front-wheel drive car on a slippery road, the driver, leaving the yard, may not immediately notice that the rear wheels are not spinning. If in such a situation the vehicle is on the pavement, then there will be a high load on the nodes of the car and tires, the expert warned.

To open the frozen brakes, the driver can use a piece of wood and a hammer, tapping on the edges of the drum. This is best done when someone is driving and trying to pull away.