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How to extend the life of your turbocharger

ByMichael F1

Jul 14, 2020

1. Always let the engine idle for a while after starting.
During this time, oil is released to the components of the turbocharger, which helps you avoid dry friction and its consequences.

2. Let the engine idle for at least 30 seconds before turning it off.
This will also help prevent oil shortages.

3. Do not put too much strain on the engine for freezing temperatures for the first 5 minutes of the journey.
Give the oil time to warm up properly.

4. Replace consumables on time.
Contaminated oil filters and contaminated oil contain particles, which increase the abrasive wear of the elements inside the turbocharger. Replacing the air filter too late can cause the turbocharger to overheat.

5. Make sure the lubrication system is working properly.
Failures of the oil pump, defective oil filter valves or leaky oil lines can lead to premature wear of the turbocharger.

6. Do not use sealant to connect the flanges of the oil lines together.
Parts of the sealant can break out and clog the system, which can lead to premature wear of the device due to the insufficient amount of oil in the system.