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How to extend the life of your tires

ByMichael F1

Jul 14, 2020
  1. Check tire pressure every week.
    You can find the right pressure for your car tires on the side wall or in the operating instructions.
  2. Maintain correct wheel alignment.
    Improper wheel alignment can cause unusual tire noises, limited handling, slower steering response, sideways drift and uneven tire wear.
  3. Have the wheels balanced after every tire change or every 15,000 kilometers.
    Imbalanced wheels cause the tire tread to wear prematurely and damage the suspension components. If you notice unusual vibrations while driving, take your car to a workshop.
  4. Increase tire pressure if you will not be using your car for a long time.
    If your car is not going to be used for a long period of time, inflate the tires to the maximum allowed tire pressure to prevent flattening on the tread surface.
  5. Avoid aggressive driving.
    Gentle acceleration and braking and maintaining a constant speed prevent premature tire wear.
  6. Use tires that are suitable for the season.
    Winter tires are designed for temperatures below 7 ° C and summer tires for temperatures above 7 ° C. Change to winter tires when temperatures are permanently below 7 ° C. Switch back to summer tires when the average daily temperature exceeds 7 ° C.
  7. Store the tires properly between seasons.
    Store the tires in a cool, dry place. Protect them from sunlight, moisture and dirt. Stack complete wheels on the side of their rims or hang them up. Bearing dismantled tires in an upright position.