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Devices for checking the condition of batteries and their charging for workshops

ByMichael F1

Oct 18, 2022
OSRAM BATTERYtest PRO battery tester

The OSRAM company has introduced professional devices for checking the condition of batteries and charging them. Thanks to them, mechanics will be able to quickly verify the condition of the battery and, if necessary, charge it. The range consists of the OSRAM BATTERYtest PRO tester and three intelligent BATTERYcharge PRO chargers.

The OSRAM BATTERYtest PRO battery tester allows you to perform a complete test of the health of the battery and electrical systems in vehicles with 12 and 24 V installations, such as motorcycles, passenger cars, vans and trucks. When checking the battery condition, the device will also verify the alternator, starter and ground connection. The results can be printed using the built-in thermal printer or transferred to a computer using an SD card. The set includes a protective case for storing and transporting the device.

OSRAM BATTERYcharge PRO products are professional, intelligent chargers, suitable for a wide range of battery types for 12 and 24 V vehicles. Depending on your needs, you can choose the PRO 30A, PRO 50A or PRO 60A device. The numbers in the names indicate the maximum charging current. The OSRAM BATTERYcharge PRO range is suitable for charging lead-acid and lithium batteries as well as batteries in vehicles with a start / stop system. It is up to the user to choose the rectifier operating program. Charging can therefore be slow or fast, depending on your needs. The new products will be perfect not only in workshops, but also in showrooms and other places, e.g. to recharge the battery in an exhibited car.

OSRAM BATTERYcharge PRO, apart from its basic function, i.e. battery charging, also has the option of testing the condition of the battery and alternator. All devices of this line are equipped with a readable LCD display and have the ability to optimize the condition of the battery. In the case of lithium batteries, the charging cycle is 7-step for all BATTERYcharge PRO chargers (except for PRO 30A, here the cycle is 8-step), and the remaining batteries are charged in a 9-step cycle (except for PRO 60A, where the cycle has 3 steps).

OSRAM BATTERYcharge PRO can also act as a maintenance power supply. This function provides a constant current with an adjustable voltage up to max. 14.9 V. The device can be used, for example, in the diagnosis of electrical faults, which requires the electrical system to be active. Without an additional power source, the battery would be discharged. OSRAM BATTERYcharge PRO is therefore a supporting unit, acting basically as an additional power supply.

All OSRAM BATTERYcharge PRO devices also have a charging current regulation, and the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty for them.