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Brembo introduces the ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM® to the aftermarket

ByMichael F1

Oct 11, 2022

Brembo, a leader in the development and production of high-performance braking systems, is introducing a new product to the aftermarket: ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM®.

This technology solution is based on the company’s original equipment (OE) expertise and is designed to improve the ecological aspect of the brake system by reducing wear on the discs and pads. As a result, it lowers exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

Designed for professional light commercial vehicle drivers, the ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM® is the best fit with Brembo brake calipers and the Greenance Concept, a special set of discs and pads with a longer service life.

The new solution is based on a patented spring design and accelerates the return of the pads to the starting position after releasing the brake pedal. This avoids undesirable and unnecessary friction between the pads and the brake discs. In addition to reducing residual drag, this small component uses advanced and innovative technology to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and energy loss, without lowering the high performance standards that characterize Brembo solutions.

Moreover, the ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM® reduces the wear of the pads and discs by reducing the amount of brake dust generated by the residual friction. This leads to an increase in their durability and resistance, which contributes to the optimization of operating costs.

ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM® is part of the Brembo Beyond series, a group of aftermarket products for the next generation of environmentally friendly vehicles. The latest spring technology confirms Brembo’s commitment to the continuous development and improvement of efficient and environmentally friendly processes and solutions.